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Health and Rehabilitation

Our gym is a friendly and supportive environment to workout or achieve rehab goals

Here at Tavistock Physio Clinics we believe it is vital that people follow a safe and structured programme of exercise. Whether that's specific rehabilitation prescribed by your physiotherapist or a rehab programme to help you meet your own goals of health and wellbeing. Our Health & Rehab Gym has been specifically designed with the needs of our patients in mind.

Injury Rehab

Rehab and Gym Classes

All of our rehab and gym classes have been carefully selected to meet the needs of our members and patients. They are run by fully qualified and experienced professionals who all share our ethos and thinking. See below for more information about our classes and for our class programme.

Back Therapy Group - Focus is on mobility and good movement patterns, education on how to manage your back or leg pain.  Learn how to maintain function with management plans in place.

Hip/Knee Therapy Group is a low level rehab to strengthen around the hip and knee, from pre op to post op surgery.  Also any old injuries which may have flared up or a new injury to knee and hip. No impact during this group. 

L2 Hip/Knee Therapy Group (this class is not running at the moment) L2 group is a higher level of rehab where you will carry out more dynamic strength and stability exercises, challenging the joints with impact drills. Anyone who wants to get back to running or an impact activity will benefit from this group.

Wellbeing Fitness Class- A workout class that offers nutritional tips for healthy living- The circuits will test you but at the same time have been professionally designed to allow you to work at your own level.

Balance and Mobility Class - (this class is not running at the moment) Our Balance and Mobility classes are intended for anyone who is finding their balance needs improving or may be at risk of falling. The purpose of the class is to give advice and support to do the correct exercises to improve your core strength, joint mobility and help prevent falls.

On Line coaching for Back pain and Pelvic floor masterclass

Back Care with Pilates Principles

Back Care with Pilates Principles

Tuesdays 11:20am - 12:20pm

This class will give you a gentle, balanced workout with the focus on strengthening the core abdominals that do so much to support your back, improve the quality of your movements and keep your spine flexible and strong.
Hip & Knee Rehab Classes

Hip & Knee Rehab Classes

Knee & Hip Class: Monday 11:20am - 12:20pm

Our rehab classes offer the opportunity to extend your treatment programme under the supervision of our sports rehabilitator.

Our Knee & Hip Rehab class is a specialist class for those wishing to rehab their knee prior to any knee surgery or rehab after surgery or injury e.g. ACL injury or cartilage damage.

Fitness and Wellbeing Class

Fitness and Wellbeing Class

9:00am - 10:00am and 10:10am - 11:10am

A workout class that offers nutritional tips for healthy living.

The circuits will test you but at the same time have been professionally designed to allow you to work at your own level.
Pilates Class

Pilates Class

Various classes available Monday - Friday. Go to our Physio led Pilates page for more full details

Classes aimed at improving your core strength and control to improve stability and performance. You core is at the centre of the majority of sport related movements as well as a key facilitator in more complex movements your body makes.

Pilates classes are booked per calendar month.
Our current programme of Rehab and Gym classes is shown below.
Balance, Mobility Class (Max 5 people)Wed 10:45am - 11:45amWednesday mornings 10.45amBOOK NOW
Womens Pelvic Health Masterclass - Live ChatWeds 10:00amWednesdaysBOOK NOW

We also offer Pilates Classes - click here for more details.

Call 01822 617722 now for more information & to book a tour of the gym

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