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(Online Pelvic Floor masterclass coaching course https://tavistockphysio.teachable.com/p/pelvic-floor-online-course)

Women’s Health 12 week Pelvic Floor online Masterclass. (click here to find out more)    What every peri and post menopausal woman should know!
We are starting a Pelvic Floor coaching and exercise series. At the end of the three months Pelvic Health Coaching course, we aim to have you more aware of, and be on your way to helping you feel more confident, more in control, regaining more normal pelvic floor function, as well as helping your general body fitness. This course is the start of good body maintenance and healthy eating.

The course is online, requiring a commitment from yourself of 1 to 3 times per week of 20 minute to 1 hour of self learning and practical exercises, creating enhanced body movement and awareness. Each week on Wednesday at 10am there will be a live Zoom 15 minute online chat, of education and practical help, with a chance for questions and answers. Following this weekly live chat, you are directed to your YouTube class session for that week to complete in your own time.

The course is aimed at helping you become more aware of how your body moves and helping you to find out what or which muscles are helping and which are hindering you to improve your pelvic floor control.

We hope you will enjoy the personal challenge of working through this programme with us. This exercise programme is designed to help you start to regain normal pelvic floor function and control in a safe, professional way. At no point should you experience abnormal pain, vaginal or rectal bleeding or discharge. If you have any concerns please contact the Clinic or your GP.

We hope that either during or at the end of this 12 week course you will continue to join us each week with our Online Zoom Pilates for Pelvic floor classes held each week every Wednesday at 9am

12 week Timetable (you can dip in and out of any session on any week, however it is recommended that you look at week one’s contents before commencing the rest of the weeks).

• Week One: 15 minute live Zoom Introductory chat Wednesday 10 am
•  Chapter 1: of how the next 12 weeks will work
• Week 1 Session 1 -YouTube practical exercise finding your pelvic floor
• Week 1 Session 2 -YouTube Pilates basic movements 
• Week 1 Session 3 -YouTube Pilates Basic routine (23 minutes)

• Week Two: 15 minute live Zoom chat to get you started Wednesday 10 am
• Introduction to knowing your Anatomy and what could possibly go wrong!
• Week 2 Session 4 - YouTube Practical exercise finding your abdominals (24 minutes)
• Week 2 Session 5 - YouTube practical exercise session for back mobility
• Repeat at least one of  these sessions once more this week

• Week Three: 15 minute live Zoom bathroom chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter  3: Going to the loo, what everyone should know!
• Week 3: YouTube Practical: finding your gluteals and your hip flexors
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Four: 15 minute live Zoom getting to the nitty gritty chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 4: what is a prolapse?
• Week 4: YouTube Practical: Activating your gluteals
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Five: 15 minute Zoom live ‘making you think’ chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 5: stress incontinence or urge incontinence which one are you?
• Week 5: YouTube practical: Rib positioning and why it’s important for your pelvic control
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Six: 15 minute Zoom live getting motivated chat Wednesday 10 am:
• Chapter 6: ‘Finding your pelvic muscles’
• Week 6: YouTube Practical: ‘Switching on your gluteals, switching off your hip flexors’
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Seven: 15 minute Zoom live keeping you inspired chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 7:  ‘What to do when you need some more help!’
• Week 7: YouTube Pilates: involving your shoulder girdle to help with using your pelvic floor’
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Eight: 15 minute Zoom live keeping your enthusiasm chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter  8:  Eating to stay fit and healthy
• Week 8: YouTube  Pilates: using your abdominal muscles
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Nine: 15 minute Zoom live keeping up the incentive chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter  9: Eating for bone health
• Week 9: YouTube Pilates, more ways to work your Gluteals, your powerhouse and your pelvic floor
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Ten: 15 minute Zoom live giving you your get up and go chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 10: Eating requirements for energy
• Week 10: YouTube Pilates: more ways to use your shoulder girdle to help your pelvic floor
• Week 10: Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Eleven: 15 minute Zoom live your nearly there chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 11: Recipe ideas for healthy eating
• Week 11: Youtube  Pilates: more ways of working our abdominals
• Repeat this session (or one of the previous sessions twice more this week)

• Week Twelve: 15 minute Zoom live you’ve done it chat Wednesday 10 am
• Chapter 12: summary of course and your feed back please!
• Week 12: YouTube Pilates: pulling it all together

Equipment needed: essentials:
1. A device to watch the YouTube clips and participate in the Zoom chats
2. Easy resistance elastic band
Equipment recommended:
3. Exercise mat,
4. Small Pilates ball (or a squidgy pillow)
5. Pilates pillow for your head (or cushion small enough to keep your head in a neutral position)
6. Half foam roller to balance on or a squidgy cushion,
7. Pilates magic ring (you can use your elastic resistance band
8. Gym ball (you can use your chair or sofa, for some exercises)

Thank you for joining us for the last 12 weeks, we would love you to continue with us every week...…

Week 13 onwards, join our daily live zoom Pilates 9am on weekdays
9am Mondays Pilates for stiff backs
9am Tuesday is Pilates for hips and knees
9am Wednesday is Pilates for pelvic floors
9am Thursday is Pilates for shoulders and upper body
9.15 am Friday is Pilates for body maintenance

Call 01822 617722 now for more information and to book an appointment

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